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Yonkers, New York is one of the best-kept secrets in New York. With so much to do and see and a wealth of attractions and activities, this city has plenty to offer. Whether you’re looking for shopping, live concerts, or outdoor recreation, Yonkers has something for everyone! New York has so much to offer – don’t miss out on this unique opportunity with a trip to Yonkers.

Yonkers is known for its plethora of dining options. From down-home comfort food to gourmet gastropubs, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge during your stay. Plus, you’ll be able to make some memories that last forever!

Yonkers has a lot to offer once you step into our city. You’ll enjoy all of these top 10 things to do, and if you want to see more, just open up Explore yonkers attractions on your phone or tablet!

Hudson River Museum

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The Hudson River Museum is the perfect place for an enriching morning routine or to spend a lazy afternoon. It has multiple galleries, concerts, and a planetarium with screenings on weekends and school holidays. So come explore this magnificent garden while you’re taking in the scenery you won’t regret it!

Untermyer Gardens

There are plenty of interesting places in New York State. If you’re looking for one that is no doubt a real jewel, then look no further than Untermyer Gardens in Yonkers. Untermyer was once the private estate of Samuel Untermyer, a famous lawyer and philanthropist. Today it is home to world-class galleries, an expansive array of flora and fauna, and plenty of interesting sites to visit.

One of the most charming places to relax in the park is at the Temple of Love. In this area, you can enjoy the peace and natural beauty while exploring a structure modeled after the Parthenon in Athens–the ruins are covered in creeping vines, providing a beautiful backdrop for your visit.

Looking for something a bit more dramatic to snap a photo at? Be sure to check out Rock Garden. This large garden offers opportunities for artistic photos and strolling around as well, but be prepared for some hard work at picking out the perfect shot!

Sundial Garden is the perfect place to come and relax. With their many relaxation zones, you can find a spot that’s just right for you. Plus, don’t forget about Sundial Garden Restaurant! It’s beautifully designed with a fun feel and features local flavors that are sure to make your visit enjoyable.

Ridge Hill LLC

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The Ridge Hill mall visit yonkers has a variety of stores and dining options as well. It features restaurants like Tinga Taqueria Mexicana, Honeygrow, and Cheesecake Factory, as well as an AMC movie theater.

As a member of the Ridge Hill community, you can put your worry aside. There are lots of great things to do, including our signature events like the Ridge Hill Food & Wine Festival in October or a Kids Fest in June. This gives you the chance to sample delicious food and meet new people in one of the safest places around.

Whether you’re looking for personal training, business operations or any other of our amazing offerings, Ridge Hill has something to offer you.

Empire City Casino offers thousands of slots, bringing excitement to anyone who wants to try their luck. Playing here will be a fun experience, whether you’re a seasoned gambler or have never played before.

The casino has all kinds of games, from poker to blackjack to roulette and more. You can enjoy the casino any day of the week, or check in for exciting events throughout the year. They also have a lot of restaurants available to customize your night out, whether you’re looking for a casual pick-and-go joint or something with an upscale meal. Empire City Casino is perfect for anyone who wants an exhilarating evening watching sports, live concerts or other exclusive entertainment.

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Do you or your family want to learn more about science in New York City? Visit the Science Barge in Yonkers, only an hour and a half away from NYC! This beautiful waterfront educational experience offers an engaging, no-pressure environment to explore new and exciting topics.

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